December – Hindemith.The temperaments,well tempered .

The past months have been so crazy.I have managed to quite painlessly survive them. I have been keeping myself very fit by jogging nearly every day , even if I was travelling like crazy ( luckily most of hotels have gyms and I became absolutely dependant on them) and I have managed to keep my mind cool despite changing lots of repertoire ( Tchaikovsky 1, Ravel , Brahms 1 , Liszt 1, Beethoven 3, recitals,de Falla’s Nights in the Gardens of Spain).
And here comes one of my favourite pieces of music. The 4 Temperaments by Hindemith.Not exactly a piece that is going to please a big crowd, but definately something that amazes me every time I perform it.
The piece is formed as a Theme with 4 Variations, each Variation reppresenting one of the human temperaments: Melancholic, Sanguinic, Flegmatic and Choleric.The piece has an additional meaning for me since it way my father, Ranko Filjak ,that gave its Yugoslavian premiere ┬áback in the 1950′s accompanied by the Zagreb Soloists and the legendary Antonio Janigro. The performance itself has anothe meaning for me : it is with the strings of the Torino Philharmonic. My first meeting with this orchestra was in 2007 when they accompanied me as I won the 1st prize at the Viotti competition in Italy. Since then we have performed together and I was so happy to discover that their wonderful concertmaster was equally in love with Hindemith as I was. The several days rehearsing there were an absolute pleasure of sharing and discovering together deep,meaningful and sometimes very secretive music.
As I came back to Berlin all of my friends have gathered to celebrate my birthday together with me. Because I travel so often I don’t nearly see them enough ; but I was so grateful for their presence and their support in my life. Some wonderful presents were given and received. A December to remember all together!

Here is a youtube link to an earlier performance of Hindemith with the Cantus Ensemble:

Hindemith, The 4 Temperaments , with the Cantus Ensemble

And here a picture I took in Torino. It is a wonderful city ,and as I was walking there after rehearsal the atmosphere in the air seemed magical.

4 thoughts on “December – Hindemith.The temperaments,well tempered .

  1. What a beautiful piece of music. It reminded me of some Shostakovich I love. Looking off to the side on Youtube, I now see that you have also performed the latte’rs Concerto for piano, trumpet and strings, to which I’m listening now. Delightfully amazing!

    • Thanks Andrew!Hindemith is indeed a great piece of music and unfortunately very much ‘underappreciated’.I am happy to give at least a small contribution.Have to continue catching up on my blog writing!

      • You are most welcome! I was curious afterward to see if there was a piano reduction of the string section so it could be performed for two pianos and sure enough there is such a score. I am looking forward to showing this to a friend who is pianist in town.

        I am looking forward to reading more of your entries in your blog. Please do write away and keep us all abreast of your activities and achievements.

        I have been promoting knowledge of you amongst my patients as I have quickly become an admirer of your repertoire and performances.

        • Hi Andrew!I haven’t visited my own blog in QUITE a while, as you can see. As they say, life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. So sorry for not answering your kind comments sooner. I do hope you are well and I very much appreciate all your kind words. I also hope all your patients are doing well and on their road to recovery :)

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