My visit to Hungary

Well, well. I see I haven’t been much on this blog lately. My main excuse is that I have been busy with practice and travel, but then again, it is only now I really felt like I wanted to come back to this blog. I do hope I’ll have more interesting and fun things to share in the future. It is all a matter of the moment, I guess.

Today I wanted to write about my visit to Hungary. I was there mid June, for a performance of Bartok’s Piano Concerto No 3 ( one of my favorite pieces of music in general!) at the Operafestival in Miskolc. It was my first time in Budapest, and first time in Hungary all in all, and I was absolutely astonished. I guess I had no expectations, or let’s say, I didn’t have time to make any expectations. The city proved itself to be more than wonderful, with exquisite views opening in every corner. Its inhabitants are more than charming, interesting people whose high culture and love of music explains an astonishing number of 10 different symphony orchestras only in the city of Budapest. Here is a picture of a small walk I managed to take in between rehearsals:

Budapest, Hungary


The performance was a joy, and just prior to the performance I had an interview with a Hungarian journalist during which I did my best to answer some rather unexpected – and interesting questions. One of them was : ‘What do you think makes you different from other pianists?’. At first I didn’t know what to say, although I am very well aware that we all, being human, have our strenghts and weaknesses. Here is what I replied:

‘It is a very difficult question. In a sense you are right – that all of us should know what makes us special. Otherwise we could not develop further. On the other side it is also important to stay humble and put the music first, not yourself. So I’d rather say: what I hope is that the lot of work I do will bear fruit and in 10 or 20 years people will see me as a pianist who has a unique, appreciative and honest connection with the piece she is playing. A pianist who is fresh, who loves music, respects the composer but at the same time does not try to be like someone else and is free of foreign influences. I hope to become someone like this, and I am working on it very hard.’

I think, I hope I spoke my own truth there.

If you’d like to read more of that interview, it is available here:



3 thoughts on “My visit to Hungary

    • Thank you John- and thank you for motivating me to keep the blog going. It IS nice to know that people read this stuff:). Best regards to you and your wife from Croatia!

  1. Thank you for likeing my country, even after these many years I look for achievement by young Hungarians, sport science, music. In many ways, the person you met in Stockton, is what the other 10 million or so are. What makes you a different pianist?
    The way you interpret a piece. It is uniqe, it is you, not some ones idea of it.

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