October – running into nature

October was a rather busy month. 1st of October I performed a recital in the Spanish city of Olot – the birth town of Pedre Antonio Soler.The month continued with performances of Liszt’s 1st piano concerto , Beethoven’s 3rd , Brahms’s 1st and recitals. I have a very fond memory of my time in Idaho . In between the rehearsals there was some free time and Idaho has truelly amazing nature.I have missed nature so much – the last time I climbed a mountain was in July and I really needed an excursion. To my great luck , the orchestra’s music director and his wife were equally passionate about nature and hiking – so, the day before the performance was spent hiking in the mountains. The air was wonderful, the hike was absolutely refreshing and I managed to take some lovely pictures as well as memories of good company that I cherish.

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